Instagram from scratch: how to start and become popular

3 min read
3 March 2022

Despite various types of existing content, many people still want to become well-known bloggers and entrepreneurs starting an online business or running a successful blog on Instagram.

Let’s presume you start from scratch. What should be your actions to ensure a successful launch of your project on Instagram? To figure this out, you need to answer five questions to help you develop a concept and set a direction for future actions.

1. What is your aim?

First and foremost, you need to decide what you need Instagram for. Such answers as “I want to have a million followers” and “I want to be popular on Instagram” won’t go far. The problem with most accounts is that their owners do not understand what to use them for. That is why you should try to clearly understand what you want an Instagram account for and what your aims are.

2. How are people going to find your account?

How are people going to find you? How will users become aware of your content? There might be some options here. For example, you may launch targeted advertising or start mutual promotion with other bloggers and accounts that share your values and interests. There might be another way for you if you already have a popular TikTok account with 200K, where you can easily redirect your followers to your Instagram simply by using a link in the description.

By answering the second question, you will know how users will find out information about you and your beloved account where you post your high-quality content.

3. What content are you going to create?

Try to answer thoroughly what your blog will be about and what content you will create. Decide if it will be a photo, video, or text blog, or if you will make vines, start an online shop, sell goods or make educational videos and run live streams and webinars. “I am going to make funny vines” is not enough. Try to think of the topics those vines will be about, what they will cover, and how long your vines will be.

4. What makes you different from thousands of other accounts?

It is probably the most vital question. Try to analyze what makes you better and different — and how you can stand out. When answering this question, go into details and write about the quality and type of your content — the main differences, things you will try to avoid, and what will keep you ahead of the competition — better images, better sound quality, or better editing skills. Maybe you have found a topic that hasn’t been covered on Instagram yet?

5. What is the value of your account for your followers?

Think about the value your account will bring to you and existing followers in the future. Why do they need to follow you, and what can you offer them? What makes you unique and valuable? Try to stay unbiased and evaluate your content and future idea. Maybe you will give users some information to help them tackle a problem or improve their lives? Or maybe, you will create inspiring content to engage your audiences and make them want to follow your way?