Quantity becomes quality: how often should you make posts to save your followers?

2 min read
15 May 2018

Organic reach on Instagram goes on decreasing, and now it’s important to know not also about how to write posts but also how often to publish them.

Adobe specialists recommend posting on Instagram once a day or more often. And even the most celebrated account owners adhere to this scheme. For example, a world-famous female socialite and model Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian makes posts according to that very plan – once a day or several times a day:

However, there are those who choose the reverse tactics and publish posts more rarely. Much more rarely. For example, AnnieSpring, a wedding stylist Annie Spring @anniespring posts content once a couple of weeks or even once a month, but it does not stop her from being successful:

Whose way is better? There is no clear answer.

The Instagram showing posts algorithm is constantly changing but one thing is remaining the same: the more often you appear on your followers’ feed, the better reach you have. For example, Valentino brand makes about 60 posts a week and gets more likes than brands which post more rarely.

If you are a business owner, try to analyze how often your customers mention you (to this end you can use a picture/post tag or a unique hashtag).

Thus, if you post a couple of times a week and your brand is tagged 5 times or more, you can just repost your customers’ content. So, you will not only get additional posts but also will show your clients the feedback from goods in the most unobtrusive way. Do you remember us writing about the best way to earn their trust? However, there is one condition: do not repost everything but only posts containing attractive images — Instagram is for visual content, first of all.

Whatever the frequency of your posting is, you should test different schemes carefully. If you please your followers publishing content once a month and then start appearing on their feed regularly, your account can not only decrease reach but lose the followers at all.

How to check if a scheme is successful or not and not to lose the audience earned with blood and sweat? Try to post daily or even several times a week and analyze what days and at what time your followers like and comment on your posts most willingly. Our analytics which gathers all the necessary statistics for you accurately will help you do that.