Repost magic

4 min read
19 February 2019

Social media are full of injustice. Why do some people write so many texts and publish so many posts, and there is still no reaction? While others make pieces of low-quality content and get a hundred or even a thousand reposts. How can it be so?

As you have already understood, today we will try to uncover the secrets of viral sharing magic.

So, why do people make reposts at all?

In fact, people always shared information and did it far long ago the Internet appeared. Prehistoric people found a way to tell their tribe mates where to get tasty food and where it is dangerous to stay. In the 21st century we keep on passing important news from person to person but we use modern ways for it.

Let’s say, we have a mental inclination to it. This way we develop and communicate. We share our thoughts, ideas, mood — we just cannot live in a different way. We like it, but as a rule, we share only those things which reflect our own interests and opinions.

That’s why to write posts which go viral as quickly as hotcakes are sold, it is important to broaden your mind, and not to post content on old topics of internet marketing, blogging and content technologies. Moreover, we, copywriters and writers suffering from permanent sleep deprivation, are those who publish them. Do you want to conquer social media? Try to see beyond all this. For example, read about Phineas Barnum, the “great-grandfather” of sharing and the showman of all time. Phineas Barnum had made the audience speak about him tirelessly, long ago telephones and computers appeared. And in 2017 Hugh Jackman himself wanted to play him in the musical which was named “The greatest showmen.”


Perhaps, you will also like Joe Vitale’s book “There’s a customer born every minute”. You can find many helpful tips on Barnum’s viral marketing in it. By the way, the same author has also written a book about hypnotic texts, but you did not hear it from us…

If you are broad-minded enough but your posts still haven’t gone viral and you are still not famous, look through the interviews of great actors, movie directors, writers. Memorize ways they capture the audience’s attention, how they hold it and how they make people come back again and again. This is true art, they put their souls into it.

For example, young Jim Carrey used to puzzle over how to make the audience like him, how to make people applaud him, laugh at his jokes and tell them to their friends. He wanted the sharing, and he got it. However, his secret is still not uncovered, but maybe he is just too cool. But this is also a worthy goal to reach.

Sharing is everywhere and it counts many thousands of years

Its idea is far deeper than those pieces of advice which Internet gurus may give you, and its secrets are related to psychology. People are attracted by sex, death, and power. Just three topics, but there is really plenty of room for imagination. Shakespeare would have become a million-follower blogger because he was the best in writing on those topics. Release Shakespeare in you, to be short, sensations and hot topics are 100% viral and worthy to get reposts. And every time you want to publish a post, ask yourself: “Whom is it made for and what reaction do I want to provoke?” If you hardly can find an answer, perhaps you should work on it more, in this case, you may reach your goal more likely and faster.

You may say: “Ok, this all is very good but what can we do to make people repost our texts right today?” Is there any faster way?


Of course, there is.

A fast way: make a photo of a cat/rabbit/puppy → write that the cat/rabbit/puppy is getting sad and it will be crying, and only a like, share or repost can save the cat/rabbit/puppy.