The right selfie

4 min read
13 March 2019

The main purpose of any blogger is to develop their skills and earn with them. You can laugh at the virtual world as much as you can, but he laughs best who earns money there.

Making quick and nice selfies is the number one skill. It may be very helpful when you are, for example, suddenly awaken in the middle of the night to make a selfie. Even in this case you are still ready to make a post, caption it with cute and funny hashtags and publish. How can you learn to do it?

Here are some tips from photographers:


The focus point or the angle is a true “godmother” for good selfies and it can make wonders. That’s why many people do not look like their real selves in their profile pictures. Do you know this joke: “If I got lost in a forest and the rescuers had only my social media pictures, they would never find me”? So, it perfectly describes the above-mentioned situation. So, to improve your chances to survive, make selfies in which you look like yourself from time to time.

The perfect angle to make a selfie is possible to create when you place your phone a bit above your face. If you make selfie in the incorrect way, you will get your “beloved” second chin. You will get it even if you do not have it. And if you make some efforts, you will:

  • Look slimmer and younger;
  • Better and “correct” your face shape;
  • Get the “eyes wide open effect” and an expressive look;
  • Show not only your face but a part of your body and the interior.

To be short, the picture will be very nice, bright and interesting. People will have something to look at and comment on.

But! Do not bring the camera too close to your face. Due to distortion (image deformation), you can get a huge forehead like Soсrates ’s and a small week chin (by the way, he was also like us, a true ancient Greek “blogger-philosopher”). Act this way if only you want a funny picture.



If you are indoors, come closer to a window. Stand half-turn to the wall. Turn your head in different directions for a while to choose the best angle — you need to find the best angle for your face and always use it when you make a photo with your smartphone or camera. Feel like a Hollywood star — your favorite actor remembers about the best angle of his face 24/7.

Do as many takes as possible, then you can analyze the results, and then repeat or improve good pictures. Bad decision: take photos under artificial light coming from the ceiling — you will get a “panda effect” photo. So, if there is only artificial light, hold your smartphone not above but approximately at an angle of 45º. By the way, the light of a PC screen may give your skin a slight “zombie” tone, thus avoid it at all events.



Please, no pooping cats (sorry) and piles of unsorted clothes in the background. But you always have them there for some reason.

Make sure that you have no “rubbish” in the background, portraits with nothing to draw the attention away from the main object look best of all. if you cannot get rid of the bad background, use the portrait mode and focus the camera on your face to the maximum.

Goal and means to achieve

Of course, you can make selfies just for fun but it is better to put an idea in them. It is about common sense and a bit of creativity. If a photo is made for a usual working routine post or popular goods promotion, it is important to select the relevant clothes and facial expression and put aside your pajamas. If it is your private account post, everything is just the opposite (and you can add some pancakes to the background).



And finally. Add a bit of highlighter — it will make your face look fresh and shiny. Take a makeup brush and over your cheeks, nose dorum, chin, and forehead to make your skin look more healthy and attractive. It works perfectly for both men and women and takes just a couple of seconds.

Oh, and do not forget about the fan! We are all so beautiful with our hair (and beards) blowing in the wind!