What content to create for YouTube?

4 min read
27 January 2022

1. Focus on your interests

The first important part is your interests. Think about what things are interesting to you, what makes you worried, what topics you like, what knowledge you can share, what your expert area is, what you can talk about for hours. It is more important than the number of searches on YouTube or Google because your interests will motivate you to make new videos. If you do not love what you are doing, it will be harder for you at times. There is a high risk that your business will not succeed because you have chosen the wrong topic you are not interested in.

2. Use search queries

It is still good to be sure that someone else shares your interests. So, first of all, open Google and start typing in queries, topics, keywords, phrases, and questions. Then look at the suggestions and related search queries. See what else people are looking for and formulate this query, look through the search results.

There is also an excellent tool — Google Trends, that will tell you the number of the target audience. With it, you can see how many people are interested in a particular topic, how often they search for this query, whether there are specific periods for this.

3. Monitor YouTube channels

Search for YouTube channels on a topic that interests you. If you cannot find any, then this is suspicious. It never happens that some popular topic is not covered on YouTube. There is a chance that there are no YouTube channels because, unfortunately, no one is looking for this topic, and no one is interested in it.

Explore search requests. Look at the search results: what content, what type, how much content, how many views the videos have. At this stage, you can start jotting down competitors’ names and saving their YouTube channels.

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Where to start and how to create a YouTube channel: the first steps of a video blogger

The first thing that many people want to do is grab a camera or smartphone and start uploading videos.

4. vidIQ

vidIQ is a tool that helps you create fancy and high-quality content to build the biggest audience possible and search for key queries and new topics for your content easily. This tool is not free but easy to use.

Install the application for your browser, reload the page, and now, when you search for something on YouTube, a panel will appear on the right and prompt the query parameters. There are two key parameters to pay attention at:

  • Audience size: how many times a keyword is searched on YouTube within a month. The more — the better.
  • Competition: how much content is there on this topic. It is good to find keywords with a large audience — that people are interested in, but at the same time with low competition. It will help you get to the top of these keyword results without difficulties. Unfortunately, if there is a lot of competition, this is harder to do that.

Next, you need to process all this information and understand — this topic is worth sharing on YouTube, or it is not highly likely that this will bring a lot of subscribers and views.

5. Become better than your competitors

And the last important point to analyze: what can you do better? You have watched a lot of YouTube channels and videos when searching for keywords. Then you need to stop and ask yourself: how can you stand out from others, and how will your channel differ from those already on YouTube?

You can’t just copy existing content - it doesn’t work. Think about how you can stand out and what to improve - this will determine the success of your future YouTube channel. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with YouTube video size.