What is social media monitoring?

2 min read
5 October 2022

Social media monitoring is an opportunity to analyze the efficiency of blogger or brand social channels, i.e., being able to create relevant content for different segments of your target audience.

Thanks to the measurement of marketing activities of your direct and indirect competitors, analyzing reach and engagement, including likes, comments, reposts, and hashtags, it becomes easier to evaluate an SMM strategy.

What tasks does social media monitoring help you to solve?

It determines how competitive your social channels are

Analysis of marketing and advertising campaigns of competitor companies, as well as their presence or absence on any social platforms, helps you to find new ways to be ahead of direct and indirect competitors. You can take their best practices and improve things that do not work.

It also allows tracking the feedback of the audience

By following hashtags and tags, it is easy to understand if customers are happy about a product or service and how likely they are to recommend the brand to their friends. If you find some negative comments, the quicker you discover them — the faster you can address them. Healthy criticism allows you to grow more rapidly.

It increases social media engagement

Timely monitoring of social media shows how good your communication with your target audience is. It is easy to notice when your reach drops and take immediate measures: run an advertising campaign and change the product or service positioning.

It stimulates the channel growth

Regular tracking of the core SMM metrics such as engagement, audience growth, and CTR help make the right decisions for improving the chosen strategy based on the data you receive.

It helps improve the brand HR strategy

A bad reputation on social media can affect the human resources of the brand negatively: staff turnover and difficulties hiring new employees. Monitoring former employees’ feedback who mentioned your company as a former employment place in professional communities also falls under the monitoring of social media.

How to run social media monitoring

You can run social media monitoring manually or automatically with the help of special services. In the first case, you need to collect metrics manually. However, there is a risk of human error, and one might not take all parameters into consideration.

We recommend automating this process. Thanks to social media monitoring with Onlypult, it becomes easier for brands and bloggers to track mentions on social media, manage their brand identity, respond to the results of advertising campaigns and increase brand awareness.