Why we like someone else’s coffee or “likes as a dish”

6 min read
5 September 2018

We are living in a time when food means to us more than just eating. It has “relocated” from our plates to:

  • prints, perfume, and accessories
  • art therapy, sketching, and watercolor workshops;
  • tattoos, fashionistas willingly get tattooed popcorn, ice-cream, and hamburgers;
  • to the interiors of restaurants, leisure centers and even fitness clubs (but honestly, the latter are decorated only with something that keeps your figure slim, for example, celery smoothies)
  • to entertainers’ and promoters’ costumes;
  • to cute things for storing and carrying food and drinks (well, confess that cup holders have never been so bright and funny before)
  • and, of course, there are plenty of food posts on social media.

We often “eat” with our eyes, “wear” food, and we like it. It tastes delicious. And cafes are more like remote work offices now: wi-fi and sockets are everywhere.

Isn’t it great that you can change your working place depending on your mood even every day? And this text is also written in a café and inspired by tiger shrimp millet seafood.

Let’s try to figure out why food posts get so many likes and how to use it to improve your pages rating. Here are 6 appetizing tips:

Everybody likes food

And it is always interesting to look at someone else’s dish. Especially, if we talk about a celebrity or just a popular Instagram fitness cutie. What do they eat and what makes those people so attractive, rich and slim? We also want to eat their food, so we give our likes to their posts our mouths watering.

That is why things are simple: take part in “likes racing” – post food. Ideally, become a food blogger and tell about delicious food in your blog. And you can just learn how to make your breakfast/lunch/dinner beautiful.

For example, Google avocado toasts. To inspire you: even sexy vegetarian Jared Leto and his elder brother like them.

Caption this ? #WALKONWATER

Публикация от JARED LETO (@jaredleto)

Not long ago, Shannon Leto posted such toasts on his Instagram account. Do you want lots of likes? Do as 30 seconds to Mars musicians.

It sounds great and useful, and you can do it easily. Cut or mash an avocado with a fork and put it on a toast. Put a slice of tomato on top (everything from eggs to strawberry will work, by the way). Put your toast on a big white plate, add some pepper, make a picture. Capture it “The Martian fuel”.

The whole process plus eating will take not more than10 minutes. It will take much more to reply to comments.

Yuuuummmmmm avocado toast

Публикация от SHANNON LETO (@shannonleto)

We have become even fussier in choosing our everyday meals

We read and watch much about proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is important to us that food is not only filling and nice looking, we also need it to be healthy for our body. We are very curious and want to know what we should eat to have a flat abdomen and bouncy buns. That is why if you want your feed to be flooded with comments, post healthy recipes.

This simple salad flavored with ginger will make you feel more toned, and that smoothie with wheat sprouts will immediately prop up your self-esteem and detox your body. Be a gentle provocateur and promise them to post a dish which will make their hips smooth and silky.

We are always a little bit on a diet

But if our friends post pictures of desserts, we will like them for sure. Thank God scientists have not proven yet that looking pictures of cakes and candies may negatively affect your mental health and make you add weight through your mind. On the contrary, the smell of confectionary makes your spirits higher and a photo against a huge window with multicolored cakes attracts attention on social media.

You can make pictures of macaroons even if you have not been eating sugar or white flour for a long time already. But it’s everything clear about macaroons, even the humble kartoshka, a favorite dessert of children grown up in the USSR will get its likes 100%.

Food has become a way of self-expression and self-affirmation

People on social media divided into food preference groups long ago. Here are comments of meat eaters, and there is another pile of comments to which you should not join without being armed to teeth – here they discuss raw food diet. People worship food with a zeal that any religion can hardly deserve, and by posting an image of a good old wheat flour roll you can accidentally run into haters’ comments and hysterical unfriend requests of weight watchers. But it is not a reason for telling lies.

If you like pizza, be yourself and post it. You have the right to eat and write posts about what you like. Believe us, an honest post of chocolate croissants will get more likes than a painfully made photo of rucola with pine nuts (God help us).

Food is emotions and a way of talking without words

A picture of a big morning coffee cup sometimes can tell you about your friend’s mood much more than a long post.

Be like a silent movie star: check in a fashionable coffee shop without writing a word in your post. Or you can check in a restaurant of a bold celebrity. Your post will be liked for sure. Tested.

Food is inspiration and art

Can you make a view from an eastside window of Van Gough’s Saint Rémy de Provence bedroom, in other words, - the Starry night - of pasta and meatballs? If you want to become popular – yes, do not doubt. Well, at least you can start with a tomato heart and then you will come to postmodernism step by step.

We hope these tips will help you hold your head high and not puss out against famous bloggers. At least, now you can make toasts like Jared Leto. So, you will be fine.