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GMB publication restrictions and recommendations

Keep in mind the information below when posting on Google My Business from Onlypult.

You need to verify your location on GMB to enable posting.
Currently, posting is not available for companies that have more than 10 locations.
Minimum interval between posts: 5 min.
You cannot send posts without text.
Text length (characters including spaces):
- maximum length: 1500
- recommended length: 150-300
Number of photos in one post: 1
Image formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG
Maximum image file size: 5 MB
Image size:
- maximum: width is 5000 px, height is 3000 px
- minimum: width is 400 px, height is 300 px
- recommended: 720х720
Events should be real, accurate, and occuring at the specified location.
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