How to annoy everyone on Facebook

3 min read
4 December 2018

Today we are going to give you very useful information: how to annoy everyone on Facebook and make followers give you no likes.

In fact, this article is very useful, we have just hidden common tips behind naughty ones because we do not want to be boring. You are smart enough to understand everything.

Go to the seashore in winter

It is a small piece of advice. We have nothing to add here. And if you live in a warm country, just start posting the weather forecast as soon autumn comes, it is quite enough. Feel the real loneliness online. Eat your peaches and keep silence!

You can hear your followers hitting their dusty san dals against the screen

More pictures from the gym

Do not forget to add joyful captions like: “It’s 6 a.m., and I’ve already done150 squats and 300 push-ups. And it’s just a warm-up. Good morning, lazy bones!”

You must caption your pictures this way without fail, otherwise, they may not stop themselves from liking your pumped biceps trying not to get angry. And yes, you must tell the truth anyway.

And the truth is that you have made a good job, and they are all low-motivated sleepyheads with ugly buttocks and empty wallets. Who is a good boy/girl here? You are. Where are likes? No likes, you can just watch nervous people unfollowing you.


Nobody likes whiners. The more you will complain about your life and that people treat you badly, the sooner everybody will leave you in peace. Let out all your negative emotions on Facebook, or what do you think this social network is created for?

At least three times a day your hamster must die, you must get stuck in a lift or at least a shutter, and your boss must shout at you or a dolphin must bite you, for example. Ideally, all these things must happen simultaneously.

Step by step everybody will ban you and you will enjoy your own sweet apocalypse. As soon as you are done with Facebook, go to another social network.

And vice versa — show off!

“I have stayed for a week at my rich auntie’s place in Paris. I have lost 10 kilos due to shopping and excursions. The auntie gave me an apartment in a penthouse, a helicopter and a pair of socks.” Add remarks like this and users will unfollow you for sure.

You can hear the teeth creaking and dry croissant crunching

Adhere to healthy eating, preferably — to raw food eating

Do not forget to write that hamburgers are disgusting and the carrot is a kind of ambrosia because nobody knows about it. Save this world immediately. Post images of your legs, blue with starvation and grasping a glass of spinach smoothie. The blue and green go well with each other and scare away chubby followers.

MORE ❤️ ?????????

There are never too many emojis. People must see your emotions. If you write that someone should be like the sun and smile every day, you should add as many symbols as possible. Use the same style for comments. Exchange words with emojis, do not doubt, letters are black, tiresome, and dull.

But to be honest, to annoy everyone on Facebook, it is enough to post on your page whatever you want regularly. People will find what to hate you for, and we also have techniques against haters: