How to earn money on streams if you’re not a gamer

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14 December 2022

Game streaming is a profitable business. But not only game streaming is popular today. Streaming your live chats with the audience is a special format that bloggers and brands should pay attention to. In this article, we will talk about making money on streams and what streams are for.

Stream formats for brands and bloggers

For bloggers and brands, streams are the way to their audiences’ hearts. One benefit is that this tool doesn’t require a large budget: streams can generate good profit with minimal investments. The most important thing is to have an idea you can implement in this format.

Streams are an excellent opportunity for followers to ask questions of interest. You might think your audience won’t have questions as there are a lot of posts and detailed information on the website. But there can be some subtle aspects that your audience would like to know. This communication format increases a sense of community and belonging to a private group.

Live streams can have advertising purposes: announcement of a launch of an online course, information on special deals, unpacking, case studies, students’ feedback — invite your course graduates to a call and ask them to share their feedback on your product or service.

To attract more followers, maintain the suspense. For example, if you run a stream with an expert, let your followers know there won’t be a recording: it will motivate your audience to join the stream.

Someone can also stream entertainment formats in the live format: sometimes bloggers hold public talks, and they invite viewers to the studio, and simultaneously there is an online recording for those who want to join remotely.

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How bloggers and brands can run successful streams: a review of Onlypult Streaming

Most of the necessary features are available for free: test the Streaming feature and assess the results.

How to monetize your streams

Arrange donation collection. It is a common way for bloggers: this format saves you from publishing traditional advertising posts. You can set a particular target: collect X amount for a new camera. Followers enjoy supporting the development of their favorite influencers.

Paid subscription for bonuses. Additional online meetups for a particular monthly payment. One of the common approaches is to offer different subscription tariffs. For example, run themed live streams for each segment of your target audience.

Collaboration streams. Sponsored live streams for any topic. A blogger shows a video recording at the beginning and during a live stream. We do not limit a brand to just being a sponsor. For example, a blogger can run a mini-interview with a company expert and will ask users questions of interest.

Direct advertising. A streamer will make an advertising announcement during the stream or share their own user experience: how you can benefit from the advertised products or services.

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Media of the future: 7 ways to use streaming

One of the most powerful tools to help achieve this goal is video streaming. It also can be called just “streaming.”

Bloggers and brands are concerned that live streams can be expensive. Streaming by Onlypult has most of the required functionality for free. You can run a live stream having no deep technical knowledge. Test the streaming and evaluate your results.

Streaming by Onlypult also allows you to broadcast to several platforms simultaneously. This tool has all the required functionality that allows running your first stream or multi-stream with no experience easily.