How to use the Onlypult Analytics dashboard for Instagram

3 min read
29 June 2023

Onlypult users have access to advanced account analytics. It does not need to be paid separately: this functionality is already included in the subscription. Please note that it is only available for business accounts.

Advanced analytics helps see not only the general cut but also conduct content analysis, which is vital for big brands and micro-bloggers. By understanding which content formats get the most response, you can adjust the chosen strategy and increase reach.

Posts and Stories in Onlypult Analytics

The Posts and Stories tabs in Onlypult Analytics will help the SMM specialist, blogger, and marketer to analyze the content.

Insights for the Posts section

  • Statistics: number of posts, likes, comments, and video views.
  • User interaction with content: impressions, reach, and saves to favorites.
  • Engagement rates: publications, profile, and reach.

Insights for the Stories section

  • Statistics: number of stories and video views.
  • User interaction with content: impressions, reach, and replies.
  • Engagement Rates: exits, forward clicks, back clicks, non-swipe percentage, and completion rate.

How to analyze the received data

Everything depends on the goals. They are discussed with the customer at the negotiation stage or determined by the influencer in blogging. For example, it is crucial for big brands to analyze what content gets more reach in order to understand which of the options works better.

Tasks may change from week to week. For example, clicks on the link in the profile header and reach are more vital during an advertising campaign. At the time of publication of exclusive content with famous speakers, it might be audience engagement: likes, shares, saves, and comments.

It’s crucial to test both the posting time and the content type to find the content and posting hours that work best for your goals.

Briefly about the main metrics


When the algorithmic feed appeared, this indicator decreased, but users still wanted to get organic reach every day. Therefore, it is vital to run challenges, make partner posts, and do other activities not only in the account.


Followers may return to content multiple times in a row, so impressions are not considered the most effective metric as it basically shows the active core of the audience.


All reactions are vital for this metric. Also, the more likes and comments a post has, the more likely it is to get organic reach. Be sure to track saves — they show to what extent followers are really interested in the content.

You can add this data to a dashboard where widgets are displayed. After adding the visual feature, it is convenient to make changes: the size and order of widgets and the number on the dashboard page.

Using analytics data helps build brand awareness, gain follower loyalty by working on a content strategy, and increase sales.

And if you want to learn more about Onlypult Analytics, be sure to read our detailed guide.