5 LinkedIn Networking Strategies for Business Experts

6 min read
28 April 2024

Looking to switch from one job to another? Seeking to kick your career up a notch? Planning to build your professional network? Wanting to put your brand in the limelight? Aiming to become a thought leader in your niche?

Look no further; LinkedIn is the answer!

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for expanding your professional network and gaining business opportunities. As a professional or business leader, you have to make the most of the platform. How?

This page covers LinkedIn networking strategies for business experts. Read on to learn how to build your professional network via this robust platform.

Overview: LinkedIn for Professional Networking and Business Opportunities

It’s no secret how LinkedIn becomes the largest professional network on the web. Not only does it let you find an internship or job and connect with other professionals, but LinkedIn also helps you promote your business and even learn new skills.

Here’s the thing: LinkedIn has more than one billion users worldwide from about 200 countries and regions. It has more than 67 million companies, 134 thousand schools, and 41 thousand skills listed on it.

It’s safe to say that LinkedIn offers lots of networking opportunities. That said, here’s why you should take advantage of LinkedIn networking:

  • To improve your visibility. LinkedIn should be part of any SEO proposal for digital presence. The platform lets your business become visible in the eyes of other professionals, employers, businesses, and customers or clients.
  • To augment your connections. LinkedIn helps you reach out to relevant stakeholders in your niche or industry. It allows you to add colleagues, connect with professionals of similar professions, and follow businesses and vendors to work with.

  • To establish and advance your career. LinkedIn is notable for helping fresh graduates find jobs and professionals build their careers. By optimizing your LinkedIn account, you can take your career to the next level!
  • To enter into business partnerships. There’s no denying the robust use of LinkedIn for business. The platform lets you connect with the right professionals and partner with various stakeholders, from vendor suppliers to B2B clients.

How To Build Your Professional Network via LinkedIn Platform

At this point, you know the value of LinkedIn for professional networking. However, building your network on the platform requires conscious effort and deliberate action.

That said, here are practical ways to build your professional network on LinkedIn:

1. Update your LinkedIn profile

To build your LinkedIn network, start with no less than your profile. You should optimize your personal page to make it discoverable, appealing, and professional. A well-optimized LinkedIn profile encompasses several key elements and attributes:

  • Professional profile photo: To guarantee this, focus on professionalism, quality, and consistency.
  • Striking profile headline: Remember, it’s the first few details people will see on your LinkedIn profile. Needless to say, catch their attention!
  • Compelling summary: The About section summarizes your professional life or business. You know the drill—make them as striking as possible!
  • Relevant keyword integration: Add relevant keywords to your profile and content. They help attract the right people!
  • Valuable content pieces: Create and post high-quality content for engagement. As it is king in the digital realm, content has the power to engage with people!
  • Highlighted skills: Showcase your knowledge and skills and demonstrate your experience and expertise. Your credentials speak for themselves!

2. Improve your profile and background images

You might have heard of how pictures launch a thousand words. When starting an ecommerce business and setting up your LinkedIn profile, optimize your profile and background images as well. Look at this perfect example:

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Profile photo: Don’t flex your most aesthetic picture in a bikini on a balmy beach. Your profile photo on LinkedIn should focus on: professionalism (make a good impression), quality (avoid a pixelated image), and consistency (establish proper branding).
  • Background image: First, your photo should allow for proper branding by letting you promote and highlight your unique brand. It must also convey a powerful message about your business and what you have to offer. Lastly, it must have high-quality resolution!

3. Harness the power of keywords and hashtags

LinkedIn SEO is a crucial part of professional networking. A key part of LinkedIn SEO is using keywords and hashtags.

Suppose your law firm employs AI contract review software to draft legal agreements. In this case, incorporate relevant keywords and hashtags to attract clients. Consider the following:

LinkedIn keywords: Perform keyword research to find relevant words or phrases searchers might use. Then, integrate those in the following:

  • Headline
  • About section
  • Experience
  • Education

LinkedIn Hashtags: Use LinkedIn hashtag analytics to find, measure, and assess the hashtag impact on your LinkedIn. Follow our steps below:

  • Search for relevant hashtags via manual search, using Google Chrome, or by leveraging an analytics tool.
  • Add hashtags in your pieces of content.
  • Use hashtag analytics to track your words or phrases.

4. Create and post high-quality content

As mentioned, content is king in the digital realm. What better way to build your professional network than to create relevant content and schedule your LinkedIn posts? Take the following steps:

  • Identify and understand your target audience. Are you contacting prospective employers, potential clients, or other professionals in your industry?
  • Showcase your skills and expertise. Are you a digital marketer or a business consultant? What do you bring to the table?
  • Publish relevant and valuable articles. As a thought industry leader, how can you provide value to other professionals? Content marketing on LinkedIn is key!
  • Post attractive photos and videos. Go beyond the regular articles posted on LinkedIn. Share infographics, product photos, and promotional videos!

5. Engage with others on the platform

LinkedIn offers lots of professional networking opportunities. Sure, you’re there to promote your brand using smart tools. However, the work doesn’t stop there. That said, make a conscious effort to engage with others:

  • Start by liking posts. With as simple as likes, you might get noticed by other professionals and businesses.
  • Take time to comment on. Responding to comments sparks conversations and boosts engagement.
  • Share content on the platform. Content surely has the power to connect and engage with others.
  • Join industry-relevant groups. You’ll meet like-minded people who can be part of your connections.

Build Professional Network and Gain Business Opportunities with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for professionals and businesses looking to build their networks. However, the platform has become overcrowded, making the competition stiffer than ever. You must stand out in a sea of digital competition to achieve your networking objectives!

Consider our practical tips and steps for establishing your professional network on the platform. Start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and end by leveraging LinkedIn features and tools. Likewise, enhance your profile and background photos and use relevant keywords and hashtags. Lastly, don’t forget to publish quality content and engage with others.

Remember, the networking opportunities on the LinkedIn platform are boundless—Make the most of them!

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