What makes LinkedIn useful for business

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23 March 2023

Initially, the site was designed as a platform for finding jobs and employees, but it quickly outgrew this format. Now people make business contacts here, publish professional content, and create additional sales channels. LinkedIn can give business leads who have left their contact information and showed interest in a product.

In addition, this is an opportunity to form a professional community ready to discuss ideas. A business platform is optimal for networking because page owners are motivated. Finally, LinkedIn is great for blogging because business content does not have to compete for attention with funny videos and other entertaining posts. Read about content marketing in our article.

Users trust advertising more because, unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is not over-saturated with spam and marketing activities. Thus, the promotion is more effective. There is also the possibility of precise targeting because people specify the industries and companies they work for.

The platform is peculiar for its chance to contact people hard to reach in real life. It includes foreign speakers. Usually, representatives of large companies willingly make contact.

Productive work begins with filling in the account. You can read how to design a business page in our article.

How to promote an account

Expanding your network of contacts is one of the most simple and understandable ways to promote a page. The next step is to create professional communities or join existing groups. In doing so, it is vital to be pro-active and have a reasoned discussion: share examples and cases, exchange experiences, and get new contacts. Consider that the content you post should be helpful.

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How to improve advertising conversion on LinkedIn

The first step to effective ads is to create a buyer image.

A showcase page is an account with a narrow focus. It focuses on a specific initiative or direction, sometimes — even a single product. It is how you expand your presence on the network and increase the number of views. A profile of this type is aimed at a narrow audience segment and consequently meets its needs more accurately. The showcase page strengthens the ‘basic’ account. But those not interested in the general information of the ‘basic’ account can follow it.

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What advertising campaign to launch to promote your brand on LinkedIn

There are several advertising types that vary in format and purpose.

A crucial component of marketing communication is analytics. LinkedIn Analytics allows you to find out where followers came from, which publications received the most coverage, and determine the audience’s features according to various criteria. It is necessary to monitor changes constantly to adjust campaigns and stop using ineffective tools. To find out more, follow the link:

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LinkedIn Analytics: Increase your brand page traffic

LinkedIn is one of the leading media business platforms, especially for the b2b segment.

Creating and filling in a profile is the first step you need to take. You will need to make the most of networking technologies to attract followers. The article How to Promote a Brand on LinkedIn with InMail will help you.