Content marketing on LinkedIn

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3 November 2022

There are certain specifics for content promotion on LinkedIn. Let us tell you about that.

On the one hand, the LinkedIn audience is interested in insightful and practical texts — on the other hand, your sales will not grow fast based only on organic content. Sponsored content and regular postings may help you be more effective, but that takes time and effort. Posts are limited in the number of characters — thus, you will need to start writing short, sense-bearing, and informative posts. Alternatively, you may post links to your posts on your website or any other social media platform.

Your blog is a free way of promotion. It is a means to tell people about your business and share your expertise. And a LinkedIn blog is a handy tool allowing you to add an event, a video, or a picture. Remember to use hashtags that will provide an opportunity to find your text quickly. LinkedIn also gives such options as posting polls, service offers, or hiring posts. Such standard posts — and LinkedIn offers all the pre-set visual elements.

LinkedIn focuses on B2B relations. Thus, your content should be interesting to companies and corporations, aimed at top managers and executives. Some ideas of such content might be:

  • Articles on main-streams in the field, expert opinions, your comments;
  • Advice on cutting costs and optimizing production;
  • Announcement of upcoming events in the field.
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5 Ideas for Posts in Your Blog:

  1. Educational content It is a pretty easy way to win the audience’s attention on any social media platform. But speaking about LinkedIn, educational content is of higher value here. Choose challenging topics, stay away from saying the obvious, and elaborate on every aspect — so you will not be shallow for your audience. Try making a unique bottom line and giving some good pieces of advice.

  2. Combination of various formats. Some people like reading and are not afraid of long reads, while some people would prefer watching videos. It might be a good idea to shoot a video of you presenting something. Such a tool of personal brand building is an excellent way to strengthen your contact with your audience. Note that you can transform similar content: turn video into text or infographics, and vice versa. It is the way to account for the needs of various segments of your audience.

  3. **Tell about yourself. ** Add some personal information that is not related to your business. We all like to see genuine people with real life behind the company of an expert blog. If you do a company blog, tell your audience about events and team-building days, and present your colleagues. Show more human attitude — LinkedIn is about business, but it is still a social media platform.

  1. Show your merits and achievements. Try telling your audience about your failures and experience gained. Such content is popular with the audience as we all like to learn from other people’s mistakes. Moreover, it is a story of genuine experience (even though it may be unsuccessful). You can tell people about the improvements that led you to better results.

  2. Be positive. Marketing specialists tend to consume funny content as inappropriate for the business environment, but a healthy portion of humor added to your posting will make your profile lively. Try not to overuse memes — give your audience some time to take a break. If the picture corresponds to your tone of voice and the general theme of your blog, it will be an effective tool to attract attention. By the way, jokes are good for education, so raising awareness of your product.

How to Make Your Blog a Popular One

It would be great to follow all the current events in your field, tell your followers about technologies, the latest news, and trends, and discuss hotfixes and developments. Learn what your business competitors are writing about, what hashtags are popular, what topics are actively covered, and what issues bring discussions and are of viral nature. All these aspects will give you clues for navigating the information realm. Popular hashtags might do good for you, as they attract a large audience, but at the same time, you will get challenged to stand out against the ocean of postings with the same hashtags. But nevertheless, add those hashtags to your articles to increase your visibility and awareness.

Hashtags also give you the possibility to follow the content of other users. Check the reliability and quality of postings and share them on your page. It is a perfect way to get new content, as you really need to post updates. And it also raises the loyalty of your audience — as you position yourself as a fact-checker and a sound source of information. It is the way to increase the number of your followers.

And yet another rule, always remember about style and layout. Your text must be visible, readable, and logically structured. Add titles and sub-titles, marked lists, and pictures. Focus on visual content, as LinkedIn gives you all the necessary tools.