Autumn updates

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1 December 2021

Hey, friends! The season of hot updates keeps going! You probably have already heard about our new mobile app for iOS. Now we have something else for you — something very special! We are excited to introduce…

Onlypult Streaming

Onlypult Streaming is a brand-new easy-to-use product for broadcasting. Stream live video on several channels to different streaming platforms. Share fresh content with your followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms simultaneously!

Share your screen to show the video. You can broadcast from:

  • an opened app window;
  • a tab on Google Chrome (or other Chromium-based web browsers).

Personalize your stream with a logo and add preset or custom backgrounds.

Choose a preferable stream window grid.

Broadcast using the dashboard or other third-party software you prefer. Onlypult Streaming is already compatible with products of such popular developers as OBS, Elgato, XSplit, and others.

Just copy the RTMP link and Stream key from the Other software tab to the third-party software settings and start streaming!

Other features and advantages:

  • Easy to set. Several clicks and go live!
  • Stream on Facebook wherever you want! Add profiles, pages, and groups as channels.
  • Set the video stream quality.
  • Monitor broadcasting parameters (bitrate, frame rate, keyframe interval).
  • Name and describe all your streams in one place.

* Some features and settings are available depending on your plan.

Here you will find detailed information about Onlypult Streaming.

And that was not the only update!

New features

Builder - QR code block

Use that new free block to add a QR code to your micro landing page. You can set:

  • code icon size;
  • source type (URL, e-mail, phone number);
  • background color.


Posting - 3-minute TikTok videos

TikTok has increased the maximum video length from 1 to 3 minutes. Of course, you may also post long TikTok videos using Onlypult.

Posting - The subject of an unpublished post e-mail contains a social network name now

If a post is not published, you will receive an e-mail notification, and its subject will contain the social network name to let you understand what post it is. Now the subject looks like this:

[Onlypult] Post not published — {Social network name}, {Your profile name}

Website - Better performance

We optimized our website performance to make your experience better.


Posting - Adding Pinterest profile error fixed

Pinterest has changed settings — so nobody could add a Pinterest profile for some time.

Monitoring - Errors when working with many projects

We have fixed errors that occurred when adding 20 or more projects.

Monitoring - Instagram mention collection error

It was impossible to collect Instagram mentions when entering words with spaces in the search request.

That’s all for now. Take care! ✋