LinkedIn 2024: Content trends — how the platform is changing

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19 January 2024

LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky said in an interview for The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to attract a younger generation. Therefore, they started by updating the platform’s toolkit to attract zoomers.

LinkedIn notes the growing popularity of the videos. As to the social network data, it also shows the influx of a young audience used to this format of communication.

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What makes LinkedIn useful for business

LinkedIn can give business leads who have left their contact information and showed interest in a product.

Audio presentations

Initially, LinkedIn conceived this feature would help people with difficult-to-pronounce names and surnames. For example, it is often unclear where to put the stress.

Now audio presentations have become a full-fledged marketing tool. Users briefly talk about themselves or advertise a product: for example, an upcoming master class.

Brands can also implement this tool. Add a greeting from the CEO, tell about some unique features of the company, and advertise current products.

Now you cannot upload a ready-made audio business card to the profile. You can record audio presentations through the mobile app. The duration is 10 seconds.

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How to promote a brand on LinkedIn with InMail

InMail is used for finding employees and employers, partnership offers, and direct sales.

Video presentations

You have a little more time for a video presentation — 30 seconds. Thus, you can tell more about yourself or the company.

The video shows the facial expressions and manner of speaking — all these things people see while watching an interview, so it is vital to be ready for recording a video.

You can record a video or audio through a mobile app. You cannot prepare the file in advance and upload it.

How to understand that a person has recorded an audio or video presentation? Such profiles have special symbols: audio — sound, video — a green symbol.

LinkedIn Live

You can broadcast Live streams on platforms like Zoom, and then the stream is displayed on the LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Live allows you to create a post with an announcement, and then an entry is saved in the same publication.

Viewers can send reactions during the live stream and leave messages in the chat.

Content plays a significant role in creating an expert image on LinkedIn: it is essential for a personal brand for those who use the platform.

It is easier to deliver expertise, share cases, and talk about updates through audio and video messages and live broadcasts.

But, despite the trends, it is worth considering a brand or specialist features and its target audience.