Myths about Facebook promotion we believe

4 min read
23 August 2018

As soon as Facebook announced the updated showing posts algorithm, marketing specialists faced the problem of attracting the audience’s attention again. In this case, the availability of promotion via Facebook itself can bail you out. But many things we know and sure about promotion have proved to be misleading.

Let’s dispel 3 main myths which may lead to frustrated expectations and a wasted advertising budget if you believe them.

The more the reach is, the better the result is

It may sound like a controversy when they say that less reach will bring you more success, but it is true. To be exact, more reach will work, if you want to show the advertising to a specific group of users without any special interests and preferences. In this case, the maximum reach is exactly what you need, but if you are not interested in attracting each and every user, such an approach will just make you waste your money.

The key to your success is to reduce the audience the way you can target the advertising as much as possible to make it less competing when users see it.

? Target your advertising according to the audience’s interests Know your customers and do not use blind search to find them. For example, if you own a fitness studio, your customers may be interested in healthy eating and morning jogging. Understand their range of interests and find those who can share your own interests best of all.

? Choose those who are close to you There is no use for advertising your product all over the world, start with those users who are close to you already. First, they are interested in your activity more than anybody else. Second, you will not have to spend much money on delivery. Third, these very customers can form your audience for other advertising channels (for example, street banners); and people trust things they know.

The more the budget is, the better the advertising works

If more reach hasn’t brought you success, money will work for sure, won’t it? No chance.

The amount of money you have invested in the advertising does not play any role if your content is not of interest to users. That is why investment in promotion makes sense only when your followers already interact with your posts –it will guarantee that your investments in the impressions will not be wasted.

?Focus on the content Customers do not want to know how much money you have spent on your advertising to show it to them. If your current followers do not like and comment on your posts, the advertising will not improve on the situation. Invest in high-quality content first and after that – in the advertising.

? Monitor analytics As soon as you start monitoring analytics in respect to advertising campaigns, it becomes clear to you what really works and what doesn’t. Without it, you will not be able to create interesting content. Check the statistics and keep your eyes and ears open to make changes promptly if necessary.

You need to promote each post

Before you press the desired Promote button, you should clearly understand who is interested in the post and why, and what the purpose of your business is, as well. Do you want the page to get more likes? Do you want to sell your new goods? Or do you want to get more traffic?

If you know the purposes of advertising for sure, you will understand how to interpret the analytics of advertising campaign results and how to design the post. Spend some time on a proper CTA – it will save your money and time.

? Promote the posts that have already brought you results Do not promote posts which are not interesting to your existing audience. As we have already mentioned, money will not make it all better.

? Wait for a while Before starting to promote it, wait for a while to make conclusions on how popular the post is, and change something if necessary.