What can you do if there are no customers or new followers on Instagram?

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17 November 2021

Sometimes even when you actively develop your social networks, publish new posts, launch advertising, purchase targeting, spend a lot of time and money on your account, for some reason you do not see any results. No new followers appear, no new customers.

In this article, we will analyze why advertising does not work and your social networks do not bring new customers.

1. Increasing traffic

The first important point you should pay attention to is whether there is any traffic or not. A common problem is when you develop your account, publish posts, do something, create stories, but at the same time, you do not buy advertising. There is no incoming traffic from people who visit your website — new followers who are not yet familiar with you and your product. So, this is the most common mistake: only maintaining social networks generates sales rarely. If you have already sold products to your followers and you do not get new users, how are you going to have more sales?

You should understand one thing: it is impossible now to develop social networks without purchasing ads. In any case, you need to create a flow of new users to let them learn about you and your product. The easiest way to increase sales and the number of new followers is to run advertisements.

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2. Setting up advertisements right

When you run ads and set up targeting, it does not guarantee that people visit your account or website. You spent money, there are a lot of views and impressions, but there are no conversions, no new followers, no customers.

There are two crucial points to check:

  1. Whether you have the reach and whether users see your ads. If the reach is low (and the number of times users see the ad is small), there is a problem with the ad settings. Maybe you have chosen a very narrow target audience, and the ad simply doesn’t reach it because it doesn’t have enough audience. Try expanding the options to increase the number of people who can see your ads.
  2. Another vital point to pay attention to is whether there are clicks. If you have a high reach, your ad works, but there are no clicks — then the ad is not efficient. People are not reacting to your ads. It is where you need to use your creativity and improve the quality of the advertisement. There is a reason why people do not want to click on your ad, find out more about it. If the click-through rate, the percentage of people who click through your ad, is less than 0.5%, you need to stop that ad. More than one percent is rather good. If more than three percent, then you run your ad successfully, it works effectively for you.

3. Improving the quality of your account or website

Let’s imagine that you run an ad, have a high click-through rate, and users click on the ad. You see that the number of clicks increases a bit daily — and such growth is adequate to the budget and reach of the ad. But you don’t get more followers, no sales. It means that something is wrong with your account. Advertising worked well, people click on the link, and then the problem may be either in the website, if you drive traffic to the website, or in your page, if you have an Instagram account. If people aren’t following, then your account isn’t packaged well enough. In this case, you need to work on the correct design of your account or website.

The most common problem is that the account is not well-designed. It may be empty, ugly, tasteless — there may be a lack of information.

Website statistics can be viewed using Yandex.Metrica or Google Analytics.

For example, you can check two crucial metrics: bounce rate and time spent on the website. What percentage of people who clicked on your ad immediately left your website? If the bounce rate is more than 10-15%, you are clearly in trouble.

When a person clicks on the ad, how much time does he spend on your website? If it is less than a minute, most likely, there is a problem: an ineffective website, bad design, a website that does not sell effectively, it is technically complicated, works slowly — there can be many reasons.

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4. Paying attention to seasonal demand

Another reason for the lack of sales is seasonal demand. Users don’t need your product right now, but they can sign up for an account to buy your product later. Maybe it’s worth a time-limited launching a campaign so that followers are motivated to buy at this moment.

5. Controlling the human factor

Another example: advertising works, people click on the link, contact you in Direct Messages, ask something, but the deal does not reach the end. Here, most often, the reasons are in communication with the sales manager, with the person who responds to messages. You need to check how the manager communicates with the audience. Most likely, he does not know how to bring the user to a sale. Be sure to follow what your managers write in the comments, in the text of the messages, in personal chats, in instant messengers, how they sell, whether they know how to push to the sale.