Drastic and funny ways of detox against social media

4 min read
26 September 2018

If you are not stress-resistant, please do not read it and read something else instead. This article is about…wait! Hold onto your hats – we are going to surprise you.

This article is about how to detox against social media correctly. In other words, how to spend the whole day without messenger sound notifications, likes, comments, and funny owl and cat pictures.

there should be the sound of many bodies falling

We all should have a rest. Honestly.

Social media is a great thing, but many of us spend all the time exploring them on the phone —so much that it can hardly charge properly and overheats so that you can fry an egg on it.

So, if you:

  • sleep bad
  • have a crump in your right hand
  • have a pain in your eyes
  • get stressed and exhausted,

It’s about time to detox.

We can joke about it, but getting some rest from social media is really good for your health and nerve system. And you should put it in your beloved diary.


Ideally, you should detox at the weekend so that nobody of your colleagues gets annoyed about your offline status. That’s why, first of all, schedule your day off and mark it in red. Do not ignore moral training before the detox: be ready that nothing will beep, vibrate, blink, etc. all day long. Are you scared? We are.


If you are an active social media user:

  1. Make a post that you will be offline for a while not to make your friends worry that your blog was hacked or something happened to you. We are responsible for those who have tamed.
  2. Do not forget to let your close ones know — Facebook is where they also often subtly watch you. Call them and tell that if you are not online, it is not a reason for calling your friends, hospitals, and morgues.


Hide social network icons on your phone, tablet, and notebook. It would be perfect if you remove them. Are you strong-willed enough to do it? Your hair may have already turned white from fear while you are reading all this, but such hair is so popular now, so don’t worry about it because you look very attractive.


This is the most difficult. You need to think about what to do instead of scrolling social media. A whole day without likes, hype around posts, funny pictures… No more drama — we can do it! People used to live without the Internet: they were hunting pterodactyls, writing letters, making love, and baking rolls.

Well, you can sleep for some time because you have been planning to do it for so long. And after it, you will have to communicate with real people. They are not bad, believe us.


It would be good if you do some exercises against visual impairment on your detox day. You need to relieve your eyes as much as possible, so:

  • Practice eye gymnastics (the simplest exercises: close your eyes and rotate them, then open them again and stare straight ahead for a while, then look at an object right in front of you)
  • Apply patches (e.g. chamomile or cucumber ones)

It would be good to practice all this regularly, this way you will be able to see well without glasses till old age. Though… there are such beautiful frames that even people with the perfect vision tend to wear them.


To get rid of constant cramps in your right hand, you need to do the following hand exercises: clench and unclench your fingers for several minutes, rotate your fists in different directions, and shake your hands intensively.

To be honest, you may have a phantom sensation of the phone in your right hand during the detox. Well, you can at least do exercises using a hand expander.

No matter what, we believe in you. It is not so easy, but you can do it. Schedule all your posts with Onlypult and have your well-deserved rest. We are looking forward to seeing you again relaxed!