Exemplary Instagram account: Nike’s secret of success and Mastercard’s leftover pie

3 min read
9 February 2018

SMM specialists are used to regard famous brands as examples of how to manage an Instagram account. It’s like “act as Nike or Mastercard and you will make a success”.

Let’s figure out how Instagram accounts of big companies really function and which of them look really successful (and which of them — not).


Nike’s account has over 72 million followers — this is one of the most-followed accounts on the network.


  1. The account almost does not have advertising, it contains new sneaker models (the most high-tech and innovative ones) presentations instead.
  2. The main focus is on stories. Nike makes many publications about popular athletes which it supports (they are called endorsers). Usually such the stories are very personal.
  3. As a rule, the stories tell about overcoming oneself, for example, “he/she used to be like that and has become like this.”
  4. The descriptions of publications are short and with extensive usage of hashtags. All athletes are mentioned without fail.
  5. 80% of all publications are videos.


An American air-building corporation’s account has 420 thousand followers that is half as much as its competitor Airbus’s one does.


  1. It is obvious that common car lovers are the main audience. That’s why they write in a clear and simple way on the account and focus on characteristics of airplanes.
  2. People and their stories are extremely rare to come across here. Even if a publication is about a person, it is always related to a novelty.
  3. Approximately half of all publications is related topics, such as military aircraft manufacturing and space activities.
  4. It seems like Boeing is not very good at using Instagram actual tools so far. They still publish tiny picture collages instead of galleries.
  5. Besides, the core idea of the account is quite vague. It is not clear what Boeing wants to tell to its audience.


The largest airline company’s in the world account has 2 million followers and a very low engagement.


  1. Emirates publishes two types of content: airplanes and crews. Almost nothing else is published.
  2. If pictures of people are posted, the latter are always united in groups ranging in size from 2 to a small crowd. Just Ronaldo was lucky to be published alone.
  3. It seems like the account needs an elaborated visual concept. The content consists of extremely different posts: professional drone photos, amateur lunch pictures, video game screenshots and collages with quotes of Sheikhs. All this is published chaotically.
  4. Moreover, it is not quite clear for what purpose the account is created. What do they want to draw their audience’s attention to: the magnificence of the UAE, the beauty of Dubai and stewardesses or the wealth and sponsorship?


This payment system tries to make its account democratic but at the same time demonstrates luxury lifestyle to its 62 thousand followers for some reason.


  1. This professional account looks like an amateur one at first sight. The content makes an impression of different stuff without any style or topic. Just the picture of a leftover pie on a wipe and weird advertising
  2. Judging by the publication manner, Mastercard aims at promoting Priceless Programme which offers premium quality service. Why not to create a separate account for it — that is a question.
  3. At Mastercard they cannot choose the best picture from an event and post all images, both good and bad ones.
  4. The engagement is extremely low. Each posts gather about 200-300 likes and 2-3 comments while the account has 60 thousand followers. This is an epic fail.