Generation Z are your future customers. Who are they and how to reach out to them?

3 min read
27 April 2018

While marketing specialists have been thinking about how to interest millennials known as Generation Y, born at the turn of the millennium, from 1981 to 2000, the new generation has grown up. This is Generation Z.

The generation have literally grown up with technologies, so their attention is much more difficult to attract than elder millennial siblings’ because, in the epoch of those, technologies were not as developed. You should not underestimate the youth: yesterday’s children – today’s adults, which are going to become the paying audience. Right now 93% of teenagers up to 18 are actively using the Internet and social media, and this figure will be growing over time.

As millennials, the new generation has features which should be taken into account when creating the marketing strategy on attracting their attention and loyalty strengthening. What are they? Listen, we will tell you.

Learn their social media habits

Social media activity plays into the hands of brands in this case: their potential customers are online practically 24/7. Young people already spend less time on such “traditional” social networks as Facebook and more – on Instagram. Thus, target your advertising the way you can focus more on Instagram campaigns. Invest more in them and make more effort to create interesting content engaging at first sight and relevant for teenagers up to 19. Learn their interests and trends and try to focus the youth’s attention on you. How? You should catch the trend, the so-called hipe, most of the trends are “alive” not for so long, just a few weeks, and it is very (even VERY, almost impossible) difficult to find a good trend detection algorithm.

Focus on individuality

Some people think that following youth trends and being aware of teenage culture is enough to attract the attention of this category. Of course, it’s important to know the trends, but Generation Z are interested in self-expression and emphasizing their identity not less than in trends. Contemporary youth need authenticity, not fashion. Think about how to find your brand face or ambassador which is not only a celebrity but also a person young people can trust. Supreme, an iconic company among Generation Z, is a perfect example of this approach. They position their products as a way of self-expressing, which make you stand out from the crowd, and they attract people reputable among the youth, and it works. Just look at these teenagers standing in a queue at one more sale:

Right to the point

Generation Z’s life is very fast, they can focus on something not longer than 8 seconds, just like a goldfish. If you do not interest them within that time, you are at risk to lose customers. Tell about your product’s use within the first 8 seconds and the details can be provided later when the attention is already grabbed.

Cultivate values

Generation Z do not fall for ordinary videos and posters with product descriptions anymore – the values behind all this mean more to such people. Look at the popular slogans: “Nike — just do it!” or “Apple — think different”. There are scores of companies which produce sporting goods and smartphones, but only such the brands are unique and popular because of their background. Think about the values your product cultivates. Maybe it’s time to renew the slogan or the logo?

Notwithstanding the finer points, it’s worth it. Generation Z appreciate feedback and adore sharing. As soon as you conquer their hearts, you will not only increase customer loyalty but also get new clients because people will talk about you.