SMM manager’s golden rules for newbies

3 min read
21 May 2019

Formerly to take care of their old age, parents wanted their children to become plastic surgeons or at least sommeliers. And now the profession of SMM specialist is gaining momentum. This is a brilliant opportunity to earn your bread and butter.

A brief summary: Social Media Marketing (SMM) specialist deals with promotion, boosting the audience reach, and strengthening the positive image through social channels.

If you, for example, are displeased with a café you have visited or some goods you have bought, it will be an SMM manager who will answer your negative feedback. Their job is to react quickly and do their best not only to calm the customer if possible but also not to lose them. The profession is interesting, obviously not boring, and often stressful. There is much stress because we get very nervous when we find a fly in our soup. And we will write about it everywhere if it happens. Bloggers are bloggers.

Is it possible to learn the basics of SMM if you know nothing about it? Yes, it is. We practice it ourselves and teach how to do it.

A good SMM specialist is patient and knows that promotion is a long-term project and does not have immediate effect

A good SMM specialist plans months and years ahead. To be short, he/she is a gifted strategist. That’s why, if do not know what to start with, make an approximate content plan for several days ahead. And do not forget to change your posts depending on your audience’s mood, not yours.

There are three simple ways to understand your audience’s mood:

  1. Read omments and watch the number of likes.
  2. Keep your ears open: watch world news and new social media trends.
  3. Ask your followers straight questions and constantly be in touch with them.

A good SMM specialist writes quickly and correctly

And he/she writes in different styles: from formal to entertaining. That means that he/she can create interesting high-quality content.

What you can do to learn how to do it:

  1. Follow popular bloggers and use their content tricks and ways of engaging the audience.
  2. Start writing morning notes on whatever comes to your mind. First, this way you will free your inspiration and make up new ideas for the content strategy. Second, this occupation will help you overcome “blank page” phobia and start writing easily and effortlessly even under tough deadlines.

A good SMM manager always protects the personal brand reputation

How to apply it:

  1. If you get a negative comment on your work, reply politely, do not show emotions. Apologize and ask why a person reacted so. Try to retain the customer if possible. For example, offer a good discount.
  2. Don to write anything bad on someone else’s pages, create a positive image. We live in a world where everything can be screenshotted and sent in a message instantly. Think twice before writing something when you are angry.

A good SMM manager knows what traffic is and can boost it

Look at your content plan again and add contests, hype posts, and posts to get acquainted with new people to it. Look for bloggers to make guest posts. Try new sites, make beautiful or funny videos and so on — there are many methods, do not be afraid to learn from other people.

To be short, do not let your followers get bored, and they will tell other people about you. It is very simple.

It looks like not so much to do, does it? But reading about it is one thing, and practicing is another. Start your tomorrow morning with a short note to “warm up” your brain, and at lunchtime ask your followers about their secrets. And at dinnertime look for friendly bloggers, maybe it is time to offer them a guest post.