6 main events of the year from Onlypult

30 January 2016

The end of January - it’s time to move away from the holidays and to review. The results of productive 2015.

Over the past 12 months we have turned Onlypult from assistant of a marketing manager to a large service of operation with Instagram. Look what happened:

1. Instagram multiple users

Since we’ve started with Instagram managers, we will continue with them. Progress does not stand still and those who led 5 accounts through Onlypult a year ago already have five managers and lead 30 Instagram accounts. In the middle of the year in our support team began to receive frequent requests to increase the number of managers in a personal account and we immediately responded to the request. Since September, we have a PRO rate - you can connect as many as 5 managers to 40 Instagram accounts. This great option costs 65 dollars a month.

2. Favorites feature

Our main invention is the Favorites feature. Now you can create the feed from the accounts of competitors (or just interesting Instagram accounts) and monitor personal favorites in real-time. And the owners of accounts and other networks have the opportunity not just to monitor the content, but also to use it - with the “Repost” button, you can copy the post into your account.

3. Scheduled video

Of course, as soon as Instagram announced that it will be possible to create video posts, we immediately began to wrestle with how to implement this feature in our service of scheduled posting to Instagram. Sleepless nights and the fast work have done their job - we are the world’s first service that has the ability to do scheduled video posts on Instagram. You can upload videos directly from your computer in four formats, it should be no more than 20 MB and its length should be from 3 to 15 seconds. And yes, we are not going to charge additional fees for our new feature and we are not planning to.

4. Connecting your proxy

We understand that Instagram is a great channel to promote and it would be hard without such tools as mass-liking and mass-following. For the security of the parallel operation of mass-liking services and our Onlypult, we added the opportunity to use our proxy servers. To use a personal proxy, go to your account and add the Proxy settings in settings. All fields are required.

5. Personal hashtags

For most of our users Onlypult is a service that primarily saves time. So we thought, how else we can save your time. And decided, since we can’t write posts for you do, we can write hashtags. In order to save time writing hashtags to each post, you can write your popular 30 # and batch upload them with a publication.

6. Analytics for instagram

Analytics is the foundation of modern Internet marketing. We monitored the analytics services on the Internet and decided to create our own analytics on Instagram tool. Already in the beginning of the year you could see not only the overall statistics of an Instagram account, but also other useful statistics - the number of comments for a selected time period, the average number of likes and comments on one post, the most opportune time to publish a post. Gurus of Instagram say that we have the best analytics on Instagram, and some users work with us just because of these analytics (so says our personal analyst).

By the way, we also began the year productively. Once again, we have heard your requests and now there is an opportunity to comment on your messages directly from the Onlypult interface. So, the rhythm is selected, we will continue to please you during this long year.