Instagram rules 2024

6 min read
29 January 2024

Account settings and posting features you need to know if you plan to create a professional Instagram blog. We have prepared this guide so you can quickly understand the rules of the social network.

Basic rules for posting on Instagram

The main rule is that on Instagram, you can post photos and short videos to the profile feed, but for longer videos, there are two additional sections - Reels and IGTV.

Publishing options for videos up to 60 seconds long:

  • On Feed — the video will be shown with the original aspect ratio;
  • In Reels - for publishing vertical videos (automatically cropped to fit the user’s screen).

Videos from 1 to 60 minutes can remain their original aspect ratio when being uploaded from a computer to IGTV. Also, videos of up to 15 minutes can be uploaded from a mobile device.

This diversity of categories can be easily explained because there are many other platforms that Instagram competes with:

  • IGTV is an alternative to YouTube;
  • Reels are an alternative to TikTok;
  • Feed is an original Instagram category.

When publishing a video, you should keep in mind that the network compresses videos automatically. That means that it reduces the quality. Of course, you should not upload only a 480p video, but trying to publish a 4K video makes no sense. The best option is HD (1280x720) or Full HD (1920x1080).

The rules for high-quality photo uploading are much less strict. It is necessary to remember that the maximum resolution for an uploaded image is 1080 * 1350 pixels. Even if you upload a beast-quality 48MP photo, Instagram will display a 1.5MP photo. The social network uses its compression algorithm, which has its disadvantages. To keep your pictures as sharp as possible, we recommend uploading them with the highest resolution.

If you publish a photo directly from a smartphone camera, then by default, the color edits will correspond to the requirements of Instagram. But if you send a photo edited in Photoshop or another professional editor, then make sure that it meets the following file requirements:

  • color model — RGB;
  • profile — sRGB.

With these settings, the image color reproduction will be as close to the original as possible. On the contrary, if you choose the CMYK color model or set the Adobe RGB profile, the tints of the post will differ from what you see in the photo editor window.

Setting up an Instagram account

Before you start using Instagram, you should decide what your goals for blogging are. If you do it for personal use, account settings are not important to you. But if you plan to become a content creator or create an Instagram account to promote your business, you should choose a professional account.

There are three types of accounts on Instagram:

  • Personal account;
  • Creator account;
  • Business account.

The second and third types allow you to analyze statistics of user activity, as well as create promoted publications. You can switch from a personal account (created by default) to another type at any time, so you do not have to create a new profile if you eventually decide to become a blogger.

Using a professional Instagram account opens up additional options to design the bio and contacts. From this article, you will learn how to make your Instagram profile header as convenient as possible for your followers and you as a business owner.

The affiliate program for some types of businesses on Instagram has been optimized. For example, Internet users can make reservations at a restaurant if their account settings are synchronized with one of the online services. Also, the owners of cafes and restaurants can connect to the partner delivery network and place the corresponding buttons and stickers on their profile so that customers can instantly order from an Instagram account.

If the Instagram account is created by a well-known media person or the profile belongs to a large company, we recommend finishing the verification. Its main advantage is the increasing trust of the audience. The second helpful aspect is the ability to request the removal of fake accounts using your brand. It can be done through the social network administration panel.

Blogging on Instagram

The permanent development of an Instagram account is based on a well-planned content strategy. Content not only has to be relevant to your topic, but it also has to be constantly interesting to your followers. Let’s consider the possibility of failure when the author posts similar photos all the time. On the one hand, this can lead to creative burnout. But what is much worse — the audience can get used to the content and stop noticing it on the Feed. The result is a decrease in followers’ activity and the end of account growth.

To make the audience react positively, you need to alternate publications by content. That is the main rule for a content strategy. Generally, it means that, for example, during one week, you should create enough posts for three months. And you need to do it every week.

At the same time, it is highly irrational to look for photos and videos for a new post in your smartphone gallery every day. The Onlypult platform is an effective method of posting automation. The service provides scheduled posting through a web browser of single photos, videos, and carousels.

After the first number of followers appears on your account, you should learn the publication analytics carefully. Keep tracking what users like more and what they like less. You should also pay attention to when followers are most active, if they watch Stories or not, etc. Knowing these parameters, you can make the necessary adjustments to your content strategy so that each post gives the maximum result. That is one of the most vital aspects of the efficient usage of Instagram algorithms. The more followers have responded to your post — the more Instagram users will see this post, and the easier you will get new followers.

In the early stages of blogging, it is tempting to use cheats. We urge you never to use methods for which your account can get a permanent ban. Let’s clarify right away that it makes almost no sense to open a dispute with the administration of the social network: persuasion and promises will not help. And a permanent ban literally cannot be canceled in any way.

It is necessary to understand that it is not the absolute number of likes that is important but the total number of actions from the audience: regular activity, saves, shares, likes, and views of stories. If the number of likes at an early stage worries you, you can turn them off and focus on developing high-quality content. You can also communicate with the audience via Direct messages. Cold leads will bring you many requests, but it is convenient and efficient to work with warm leads through chats.

You need to study each of the methods described above carefully. Remember that the only way to get results is posting over a long period regularly. Since there are millions of active accounts on Instagram, the competition is high, so you should not rely on a “magic pill” that will provide fast growth of followers and customers.

On the other hand, it’s never too late to create a professional Instagram account. Whatever you tell the world, the audience will be interested in it, as long as you are passionate about your topic.