5 fears of a newbie blogger

We will laugh at them, and everything will be ok. Having a blog or a page on social media is not as difficult as launching shuttles. You can and need to learn how to do it at any age, and no matter what background you have. After all, each of us started from scratch once, and even the blogger you admire today also used to look sadly at a post which got just a few likes notwithstanding all the effort he had put in it.

How to annoy everyone on Facebook

Today we are going to give you very useful information: how to annoy everyone on Facebook and make followers give you no likes. In fact, this article is very useful, we have just hidden common tips behind naughty ones because we do not want to be boring. You are smart enough to understand everything.

How to write a post if you have no idea

You need to write a text and your brain is getting tired instead of working as usual? There is always a way out, guys. We are going to save you right now. Take your pen and do not hesitate to embody 5 non-obvious ideas for the occasions when you have no idea at all.

5 Instagram celebrities to lift your spirits

To lift your spirits a bit this autumn, we have compiled Instagram celebrities which will help you cheer up and stay fit mentally and physically.

Instagram today: demographic data

This article is useful for all who want to boost their Instagram organic reach or just prepare an advertising campaign. It is time to clarify what kind of people use this social network today. If you understand the demographic situation, you will also understand how to deal with these users, what they are interested in, and what content is the best for them. Literally: “Upgrade your page and make it more successful”.

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6 rumors about Facebook

- Zuckerberg gathers your data and submits them to governments - There are just elderly people here ...

Facebook vs Instagram: our fantasies about it

In the right corner of the ring, there is Facebook wearing a blue robe, beautiful click baiters, and hipsters around him, all holding hands and crying out loud: “This is our little digital world!” In the left corner, the is Instagram looking so nice in a pink-and-purple robe and having his shoulders massaged by fitness cuties, travel bloggers, and selfie lovers. All of them are having duck faces, bubble butts and are tagged #withoutfilters.

8 secrets of successful Facebook advertising

Facebook algorithms are changing constantly, that’s why even the basic principles of dealing with advertising need to be revised and “refreshed”. Here are 8 tips on how to advertise on Facebook efficiently without boosting your budget.

How to use haters for self-promotion

Everybody knows that social media do not only give us our dear friends and followers but haters as well. What do encyclopedias tell us about them?

How to get paid on the Internet: a couple of tips to find a side job

When some people hear someone else say “I earn money on the Internet”, they start imagining that money is paid just for surfing Facebook. So, it is not true — we know exactly how to get paid on the Internet and are ready to share the secrets of success with you. Here are some ways to become richer without leaving your home.

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