How to use haters for self-promotion

Everybody knows that social media do not only give us our dear friends and followers but haters as well. What do encyclopedias tell us about them?

How to get paid on the Internet: a couple of tips to find a side job

When some people hear someone else say “I earn money on the Internet”, they start imagining that money is paid just for surfing Facebook. So, it is not true — we know exactly how to get paid on the Internet and are ready to share the secrets of success with you. Here are some ways to become richer without leaving your home.

Trust a promotion guru or promote yourself?

Helping promote is a popular way to earn money on the internet. Let’s try to figure out if you can trust in the so-called promotion gurus who promise the moon and the stars, and which is the most important - how to save on promotion if your budget is quite tough.

Drastic and funny ways of detox against social media

If you are not stress-resistant, please do not read it and read something else instead. This article is about...wait! Hold onto your hats – we are going to surprise you.

I am a blogger: 10 skills without which you cannot get likes

If yes, since then you have preferred not to confess that you love social media most of all in your life and you can even make money with them. Now it’s time to assert yourself — stereotypes are not so sticky now as before, and the world is ready to change. Those should be ashamed, who are almost always offline, not you, so we have tried to pick up all things that a true blogger should know how to do.

One million dollar title

Sex, death, money, hunched elves, edible latex, and shibari. And Will Smith. There is nothing about all of these things in this article. This article is about how to create better titles and leads.

Why we like someone else’s coffee or “likes as a dish”

We are living in a time when food means to us more than just eating. Let’s try to figure out why food posts get so many likes and how to use it to improve your pages rating.

5 benefits of Facebook

Let’s stand up for our favorite Facebook. Not all people waste their time and degrade themselves here looking through the feed and getting annoyed about other people’s beach photos. Everything depends on your attitude to life, and you can improve and evolve yourself even in social media (not talking about those who make big money here teaching how to write posts, for example).

Myths about Facebook promotion we believe

As soon as Facebook announced the updated showing posts algorithm, marketing specialists faced the problem of attracting the audience's attention again. In this case, the availability of promotion via Facebook itself can bail you out. But many things we know and sure about promotion have proved to be misleading.

7 Instagram updates of this summer you should know about

The summer has not ended yet, but the number of Instagram novelties is already making us happy with its diversity. This time we come to business without further ado: we have a lot to discuss.