Private life vs professional skills: which content to choose when your reputation is at stake

If you use Facebook or Instagram to advertise and sell your services, of course you have already thought about the content of your account. The brand ambassador can be easily found, as a rule, and that means that users can follow them easily. What to do if your account is not completely yours: to produce strictly professional content or post what you want?

Repost magic

Social media are full of injustice. Why do some people write so many texts and publish so many posts, and there is still no reaction? While others make pieces of low-quality content and get a hundred or even a thousand reposts. How can it be so?

Digital immortality

Have you, Regular Facebook and Instagram visitors, ever thought what will happen to your accounts when you are gone? There are heaven and hell for souls (it is presumed so, of course!), and what does Zuckerberg offer for our virtual “alter egos”? Who will take care of our pages when we are gone? The topic is sad but very important, that’s why you need to stay strong. All the more, the Facebook team has been working on it for 10 years already.

Instagram, celebrities, and fans

Caution! Bellow, there is a traditional philosophical reflection of our authors. The text is full of nostalgia and rhetorical questions. How great now is to be someone’s fan. How convenient it is. You open Instagram and see: this is your favorite celebrity eating, here — kissing, there — sleeping. Here the celebrity is on the stage, behind the stage, near the stage, and everywhere else you can imagine! You can learn what the color of his/her socks and bathroom rug is.

Movies about social media to get inspired (and not only for this)

Movie industry always keeps up to date, that’s why nowadays there are many movies about the Internet, bloggers and social media. But to tell the truth, the majority of them are thrillers. Perhaps, many directors’ parents told them that the Internet spoils the brain (but we all know that they themselves just wanted to chat a bit longer). But what if it’s true? So, do not overdo it.

Onlypult — one control panel
for social media
Instagram made them famous

Do you want to post a photo or a video and wake up famous the next day? And this is not a fairy tale. We will show and tell you about people who made it possible.

The evolution of the smiley emoji

Do not believe that there are just five languages of love. In fact, there are six of them. The sixths language appeared due to social media, and of course, it is used on Facebook and Instagram. It consists of brackets and colons. It is the emoji language which helps us express our mood better.

Facebook against sex

Today on our blog we have some very important information to share, which will make some of you feel sad. Our beloved Facebook has cracked down on sexual harassment and renewed the related section of its Policy. Now you can discuss all issues related to sexual harassment and violation but you cannot post anything which may spur to sexual relations.

Superman is a bad seller

Or why you do not need to seem perfect if you sell something on social media. Especially, if you do it via storytelling. Storytelling is a marketing tool to engage media capability for transferring information and delivering ideas via telling stories, to be short — special selling stories.

5 fears of a newbie blogger

We will laugh at them, and everything will be ok. Having a blog or a page on social media is not as difficult as launching shuttles. You can and need to learn how to do it at any age, and no matter what background you have. After all, each of us started from scratch once, and even the blogger you admire today also used to look sadly at a post which got just a few likes notwithstanding all the effort he had put in it.

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