In 2016 our users made a lot of publications on Instagram. So, we collected a lot of raw and depersonalized data about posts, comments, views and subscriptions. All that data is truly unique. We never show it, and you’ll be the first one.

Recent Onlypult updates

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Onlypult presents recent important updates. Now it’s even easier to program your posts on Instagram.

We’ve tested Flir One – an infrared camera for smartphones. It displays thermal images in Predator movie style. If you want to surprise your Instagram followers, Flir is exactly what you need.

In the story of one Instagram rubric we tell about interesting accounts from around the world. This time it's not about content strategy, but about animal popularity. Naturally the Instagram account of a school teacher Melissa Nicholson in a few months passed the bar of 650 000 subscribers. And all thanks to her pigs.

In 2011 in Oakland a small VSCO company was founded. This company started selling presets for photo editing. Later was added an app for editing photos on the smartphone.

Five years later VSCO became a real mobile photography empire for hipster: with apps, messages, and inside media. Here we’ll tell you about 5 main things you need to know about VSCO.

Two years ago Instagram allowed publishing both photos and videos. At first this new function got a hostile reception, but now people like it and actively use it. It is used both by random instagramers and brands.

We gathered the main questions about videos on Instagram and answer them here.

Instagram News

Here we will tell you about the latest news on Instagram.

Interview with Pavel Belov

Pavel Belov is an Instagram photographer, musician, and manager of a popular hip-hop label “Respect Production”. He has all the rights to consider himself a “veteran” among the popular instagrammers. However, lately he’s slightly lost his interest to the service.

Everybody knows that Instagram is invented for pictures of coffee, legs and cats. But if people manage to take pretty good pictures of coffee and legs, there are some problems with animals’ pictures.

We gathered five advices that can help improve the quality of pet-photos.

Nude photos on Instagram

One of our users regularly posts on Instagram photos of girls with different degree of exposure. Here are his favorite pictures: